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Share Your Blessings
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of parkerfitzgerald February 8, 2012
God, Personal Growth, Motivational, Inspirational Quotes
Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.
God has given us a certain amount of talents and strengths so that we may make the most use of ourselves while we are on this earth. Of course there are roads that we are supposed to travel alone, and there is a period in life where we must find ourselves, but this should all be done in an effort to help others along the way while we are still searching, and to help as many people as we possibly can when we know that we are truly blessed.
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Choose To Be Happy
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of leilockheart February 7, 2012
Happiness, Feelings, Encouraging, Motivational Quotes
If you are trapped between your feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you happy, unless you want everybody to be happy except you.
Being happy is ultimately a decision we must all make in our lifetime. Letting ourselves be confused by what other people want for us to do with our lives, and living out what we know is right in our heart is something that we can't allow. In fact, it is probably most beneficial if we at least create some distance between the people and ourselves in our lives that don't support our dreams.
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Picking Up On Others Emotions
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of hiddeninsideme February 6, 2012
Relationship, Friendship Quotes
There's always, a little truth behind every "I don't know"... A little curiosity behind every "I was just wondering"... A little emotion behind every "I don't care"... A little pain behind every "it's okay"... A little love behind every "I hate you"... A little I need you behind every "leave me alone".
In life something that we must all pick up on are the indirect cues that are presented to us throughout different scenarios in our lives. Not everything that we see with our own two eyes, may tell us all that we need to know, or think that we may know about a subject.
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You Know My Name, Not My Story
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes February 5, 2012
Judgement, Encouraging, Inspirational Quotes
You know my name, not my story.
A lot of times because of our nature, because of our past experiences, and because of what is status quo, we either intentionally or unintentionally judge a person's character when often we only know their name. Judging a person before we truly get to know who they really are, often results in judging a person wrong, which in turn prevents us from getting to know them as we really should because of these judgments.
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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes February 4, 2012
Encouraging, Inspirational, Motivational, Positive Thinking, Personal Growth Quotes
To get something you've never had you have to do something you've never done.
Continuing to do the same things over and over again will more than likely always yield the same results as the times before. In order to reach new heights, you must climb higher than you have ever climbed. In order to see new places, you must travel to lands that you have never ventured to. In order to meet new people you must be willing and open to go meet people that you have never met before.
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